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at the pace of business, to use a term which i actually love. i do think elected officials, making sure their partners, i'm not talking about which side of the aisle here, i'm just saying locally, state, understanding that this is a job creation world. it is not yesterday's jobs. we have to work with the union movements, work with all the local jurisdictions. we have to work with all the regulators, but do it in a way that creates the next wave of opportunities for the community. i would say to you that that is not perfect across the country. some states do better than others. we are in 40 states, so we should know. not all equally. one of the things we do is make sure our partnership with the local level is not just one of advocacy because we create jobs, but one of critique for self- improvement. >> excellent. larry, your perspective on state and local? >> we are the financier of state and local governments, the largest investor of mutual bonds. our job is making sure that each state and local community is competitive as possible so they have the highest revenue base. we are advising
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1